Football Language Quiz: Gap Fill – 2020 Premier League Champions Liverpool in Numbers

Football Language Quiz Gap Fill – 2020 Premier League Champions Liverpool in Numbers: After Liverpool won their 19th league title this week we have posted a listening report on some of the key numbers surrounding this win and from that report we have created a gap fill exercise – simply listen to the text and complete it with an appropriate word or phrase (there are 10 spaces). We have also added some vocabulary support for this audio which can be found below and of course you can listen to the podcast and read the transcript here.

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Football Language Quiz: Gap Fill – 2020 Premier League Champions Liverpool in Numbers

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numbers surrounding this title win: Linked to the win

seven games still to play: Seven games remaining; seven games left

top-flight football: The top division (formerly Division One or currently the Premier League)

’30 years of hurt’: This kind of phrase refers to a length of time that a team has not won something and the idea of ‘hurt’ refers to the pain that fans feel

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