Football Language Quiz: Gap Fill – 1998 World Cup England vs Argentina

In our recent World Cup podcast report on the 1998 match between Argentina and England we discussed some of the language used to describe the match and in ths post we have converted this discussion into an online quiz. Listen to the text and complete it with an appropriate word or phrase – there are 21 different spaces and they are all particles (prepositions or adverbs) that connect to a verb (e.g. look into the issue). We have also added some vocabulary support for this audio which can be found below and of course you can listen to the podcast and read the transcript here.

Football Language Quiz: Gap Fill – 1998 World Cup England vs Argentina

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  • a high tempo: Played at a fast pace
  • gave away a penalty: To concede a penalty; Seaman committed the foul
  • took Argentina captain Diego Simeone down: He fouled Simeone
  • drove the ball: Hit the ball really hard; an unstoppable shot
  • exhilarating: Really exciting
  • smashing home a shot: Scoring with a really hard shot
  • end-to-end action: The two teams attacked each other in a relentless manner
  • retaliation: When a player hits back at another player
  • an uphill task: A really difficult job
  • The complexion of the game changed: The style of the game changed
  • backs to the wall‘ performance: It was difficult for the team but they fought hard even though they were not favourites to win.
  • an infringement: A foul
  • waived away by the referee: The referee said no; the ref turned down the appeal
  • rifled one in off the post: He hit the ball really hard and it hit the inside of the post and went in – he still scored.

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