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Football Language: Play-off final

This post explains Play-off finalthe word ‘Play-off final’. What does it mean and when when do we use it in football?

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Play-off final

Promotion is an important part of the football season as teams that finish at the top of one division can move up to another, higher division for the following season. So, for example, if a team from the Championship – the second tier of football in England – is promoted then it will play in the Premier League. At the end of each season three sides are promoted from the Championship to the Premier League: two of them directly while the other one has to play-off against other teams to gain that third promotion spot. The team that finishes third in the Championship plays the team in sixth place while fourth and fifth play against each other in the play-off semi-finals with the final taking place at Wembley Stadium. The winner of the play-off final is then promoted to the Premier League for the following season. As we all know, teams earn a lot of money from playing in the Premier League so this play-off final is often termed the richest game in football. The play-off final.

  • Example: The winner of the Championship play-off final between Huddersfield and Reading will be guaranteed at least 170 million pounds making it one of the richest football matches in world football.

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