Football Language: Pinpoint

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Football Language: Pinpoint

The adjective pinpoint is used when you want to say something is accurate or precise. In football it is mostly combined with the noun ‘cross’ to give ‘a pinpoint cross‘. This means a cross that goes exactly where the player wanted it to go. Usually, the pinpoint cross sets up a goal-scoring chance, or it could be a long cross-field pass that finds another player perfectly. Of course, you can replae ‘cross’ with ‘pass’ to give ‘a pinpoint pass’.

Example: Liverpool doubled their lead from a familiar source when Robertson collected Virgil van Dijk’s pass out on the left and, under no pressure, delivered a pinpoint cross into the heart of the opposition penalty area. (Guardian 26 April 2019).

Example: Collecting the ball just inside his own half, the former England international lofted a pinpoint pass that floated fully 50 yards onto the toes of Juan Mata, behind the Watford defence. (The Independent 13 may 2018)

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