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Football Language: One hand on the trophy

One hand on the trophyIn this football language post we explain the football cliche ‘one hand on the trophy‘. Don’t forget we have hundreds more explanations of football language in our football glossary. If you have questions or comments about this or any other phrase then email us at:

One hand on the trophy

Now, if a team wins a competition then we usually say that they win, secure or pick up a title or a trophy – they have become champions. Of course, anything can happen in football and we can never fully predict what teams, players or managers will do but sometimes we have a strong feeling about what might happen when we look at all the evidence. For example, if a team are winning 2-0 with ten minutes to play then there is a good chance that they will win the game. However, choosing a winner of a league title is more difficult as there are so many variables involved – weather, referee’s decisions, injuries, form, transfers and so on but this season with just half the season gone, Liverpool are already 13 points clear and with a game in hand. In this case we can say that they have one hand on the trophy which means they are almost there – they are within touching distance of picking up the Permier League trophy with two hands. To have one hand on the trophy.

Example: Liverpool’s victory sees them 13 points clear and even though it is only Christmas they appear to have one hand on the Premier League trophy already.

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