marathon not a sprintWhat is the meaning of the football cliche ‘a marathon not a sprint in football?

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    Marathon not a sprint

    As we are at the start of the new football season, we can take a look at the cliche, ‘a marathon not a sprint‘. In athletics a sprint is a short race that is over fairly quickly, for example, the 100 metres takes about 9.5 seconds (if you’re Usain Bolt), while a marathon is over 42 kilometres and takes just over 2 hours. The Premier League in England involves 38 games and takes place over 9 months – from August until May – so a team has to perform consistently over a long period of time in order to be champions. This means it is more like a marathon than a sprint and teams that have not started very well can make up ground over the next few months. A marathon not a sprint

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