Football Language Listening Gap Fill: Football and Black Lives Matter

Football Language Listening Gap Fill  – Football and Black Lives Matter: In this week’s football-language podcast, in addition to explaining the football language phrase, ‘carve open a defence‘ and to predicting some upcoming games, we also discussed some of the news around the Black Lives Matter protests and how football is responding – and also how it should respond.

Using this part of the podcast we have converted this discussion into an online quiz. Listen to the text and complete it with an appropriate word or phrase – there are 18 different spaces in the first section and all of these are either an article (e.g. a, an or the) or a preposition (e.g. in, on…). In the second section there are 12 spaces and these are all types of verbs. We have also added some vocabulary support for this audio which can be found below and of course you can listen to the podcast and read the transcript here. If you have questions or comments, email us at: (Damon=DB; Damian=DF).

Football and Black Lives Matter Protest

Football Language Listening Gap Fill: Football and Black Lives Matter

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  • and elsewhere of course: And in other places as well
  • Black Lives Matter: This is an organisation set up to highlight violence against black lives – More information can be found here
  • were sparked by: Caused by
  • a huge presence in many people’s lives: Football is important for many people
  • take the knee: To kneel down. This action in sport now has a political meaning as people wish to protest about violence against black people.
  • police brutality: Police violence
  • systemic racism: Racism appears in many different aspects of society; it is part of the system
  • take a more critical look at: To be more self critical, to reflect on something and then make changes
  • top-flight referees: Referees in the Premier League (the top/highest division in English football)
  • at administrative and boardroom levels: High levels of businesses and companies (and football clubs)
  • when racism rears its ugly head: When racism appears

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