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Football Language: To line up a bid for

blown awayThe transfer window for the 2014-15 European football season is open which means that clubs are busy trying to buy and sell players. Today’s football expression looks at the phrase ‘to line up a bid for someone’.

(to) Line up a bid for

When a team is preparing to buy a player in the transfer market we sometimes use the phrase ‘line up a bid for‘ with the verbal phrase ‘line up‘ meaning to prepare and the noun ‘bid‘ meaning an offer. Sometimes an adjective or a figure representing the transfer fee is added before the word bid to add more ‘colour’ or information to the phrase, such as ‘dramatic’ or ‘stunning’. The team lined up a dramatic bid for the player.

  • Example: Tottenham have lined up a £15 million bid for the Dutch winger
  • Example: Liverpool have lined up a surprise bid for the Napoli striker

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