Football Language: Injury Time or Extra Time?

Is there a difference between Injury Time and Extra Time?

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Injury Time or Extra Time?

Question: Is there a difference between injury time and extra time?

Answer: A football match lasts for 90 minutes – 45 minutes in each half. If a player is injured or there is another stoppage in the game then the referee can add on some more time at the end of each half and this is known as injury time, additional time or stoppage time. Extra time, however, is only used at the end of a knock-out match such as a World Cup or FA Cup quarter-final  and lasts for two periods of 15 minutes – an extra 30 minutes is used to try and decide the winner.

  • Example: England beat Germany after extra time in the 1966 World Cup final.
  • Example: Manchester United scored two goals in injury time to defeat Bayern Munich in the 1999 Champions League final

Read more about injury time here and extra time here.

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