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Football Language: Horror tackle

In this post, we explain the football phrase ‘Horror tackle’.Horror tackle

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Football Language: Horror tackle

This week there has been a lot of discussion over the issue of tackling after Manchester City players received some very hard tackles this week. In fact, they were so hard that they caused some serious injuries which meant that the media here in the UK called these tackles ‘horror tackles‘. The idea behind this phrase, which can also be called an x-rated tackle, is that the tackles are so bad that fans watching the game will look away – just like a moment from a horror film. Sometimes we might also hear the phrase ‘nasty tackle‘ which suggests that the tackler may have deliberately meant to tackle that way – maybe by going over the top or tackling from behind. If there were a scale of bad tackles then we might start with a bad tackle, then a poor tackle and finally a horror tackle – the worst kind of tackle which may cause a serious inhjury. Horror tackle.

Example: Pep Guardiola confirms Leroy Sane injury after horror tackle in Manchester City’s win over Cardiff (, January 28th 2018).


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