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Football Language: Give the keeper the eyes

In this post, we explain the football phrase ‘to give the keeper the eyes’.Give the keeper the eyes

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Football Language: Give the keeper the eyes

When a player is one on one with the goalkeeper – he or she only has the keeper to beat – sometimes the player will look one way but shoot the other way. This means that he is pretending to shoot in one direction but actually goes a different way – he or she gives the goalkeeper the eyes. In basketball a smilar phrase is used quite a lot – a ‘no-look pass’ which means that a player doesn’t look in the direction that he or she passes the ball. This kind of move or play is effective as it confuses the opponents – as long as the no-look pass or no-look shot works. For example, this season Liverpool striker Firmino has scored many ‘no-look goals’. To give the keeper the eyes is similar in that the forward will look one way and then fool the keeper by placing the ball in a different part of the goal. To give the keeper the eyes.
Example:Bayern Munich defender Joshua Kimmich scored at the near post against Real Madrid keeper Keylor Navas – he gave the keeper the eyes to beat him at his near post.

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