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Football Language: Deadline-day signing

The transfer window has closed in England but some of the language connected to it is still being used, particularly when describing some of the players involved. Many footballers who moved in this season’s transfer window were involved in the summer World Cup so are not quite ready to play for their new clubs as they regain their fitness. Premier League club Everton brought in a lot of new players – six in total – including three players on the final day of the transfer window and two of these players: Yerry Mina and André Gomes are still not available to play due to injury. These two players were described in the press as ‘transfer-deadline signings‘ as they joined on the final day of the window. Transfer-deadline signings.

Example:’Everton are also unbeaten but arrive at the Vitality Stadium without deadline-day signings Yerry Mina and André Gomes, who remain injured’ (The August 25th 2018)

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