Football Language: (to) Bomb on

What does the verb phrase ‘to bomb on’ mean? This post explains this common footballing phrase used especially with full backs.

What does the verb phrase ‘to bomb on’ mean? This posts explains this footballing terminology.Bomb on

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Bomb On

To bomb on means to attack with pace and not worry about defence. It is usually used to describe full backs (or wing backs) attacking quickly down the wing, the side of the pitch. There is the added nuance that the attacking player is not really worried about defending. They hope that bombing on, attacking directly and quickly, will result in a goal. Also, the phrase can also be used without the preposition ‘on’: to bomb down.

Example: “If I’m playing with Maxi and Dirk, I know I can bomb on all the time because they work hard and cut inside, leaving me space. (

Example: At times there is no finer sight in football than a marauding full-back bombing down the wing. (


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