Football Language: (a) Curler

This post explains curlera word to describe a shot ‘a curler’.

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Football Language: A Curler

A curler is a shot that curves in the air. It moves out and back in. It can be used as a verb, to curl the ball or shot, but is often used as a noun, a curler. This type of shot can also be called a ‘banana shot’, but this phrase is now outdated.The player uses the inside of their boot to apply spin on the ball.See also, screamer, volley, bicycle kick.

Example: Fulham created the first chance when a left-foot curler from Lewis Holtby was palmed away by Krul. (BBC 15 March 2014)

Example: He passed to England international Lallana, who released Jay Rodriguez only for the striker’s curler to drift narrowly over. (BBC 22 Dec. 2013)

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