Football Headlines: REDS LOOK HALF DONE

This week’s football headline explained: REDS LOOK HALF DONE

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This was the headline from the English tabloid the Sunday People (August 14 2011) after Liverpool drew 1-1 at home with Sunderland. REDS is the nickname of Liverpool FC while the phrase HALF DONE can mean that something has not been fully cooked or that something is not completely ready. Liverpool’s manager Kenny Dalglish has been re-building the side but based on this result (1-1 at home to Sunderland) the headline suggests that this re-building process is not yet complete. Furthermore, HALF also refers to one of the two periods in the game – the first and second halves – and as Liverpool played very well in the first half but not so well in the second, the phrase REDS LOOK HALF DONE can mean that despite a very good first half, this Liverpool side is not quite ready.

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