Football Glossary: To Concede

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  • Dear, languagecaster teams. What are the meaning of the words “concede” and “give away” here?

    Mikel concedes a free kick just outside the penalty area with a rash sliding tackle on Tevez that is the first sign of a competitive edge to this friendly.

    De Bruyne gives the ball away, and Rashford stings Ederson’s palms with a dipping shot from 25 yards

    • Hi Sandara,

      The glossary entry talks abut conceding or giving away a goal. You can also conceded a free kick – commit a foul so they opposing team has a free kick. This is your first example – Mikel concedes a free kick or Mikel fouls (player’s name).

      Your second example, give the ball away, means to lose the ball – to give possession to the opponent: De Bruyne gives the ball away or De Bruyne loses the ball/loses possession.

      Hope that helps!

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