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Football Glossary: Promotion Race

Promotion Race

promotion race Towards the end of the season when a group of teams still have a possibility of moving up a division (to be / get promoted).

Now, this week’s English for Football is promotion race. Now, promotion comes from the verb to promote which means to move up, so for example to improve your position or to move up a position in a company. Now in football when a team moves up one division or league, for example The Championship to the Premiership, this is called promotion and it’s the opposite of relegation. Now, promotion race describes the situation between the teams trying to win promotion to the league above. So, this year’s promotion race in the Championship is a very close one indeed

  • Example: The Championship promotion race is heating up as 6 teams are still in with a chance of being promoted to the Premier League.
  • Example: The promotion race was decided on the final day when the second and third-placed teams faced each other.
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