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  • What is the meaning of the phrases “come to life” and “line up” here?

    GOAL! ENGLAND 1-0 Germany
    75min: WEMBLEY IS ROCKING! Kane comes to life as he finds Jack Grealish who then feeds Luke Shaw on the left and his low ball into the box is slotted home by Raheem Sterling for his third goal of the tournament.

    59′ WIDE! Fernandes lines up a cross from deep on the right flank for Maguire to attack at the back post. He rises above McGinn, but plants his header wide of the target

    • If a stadium or ground ‘comes to life’ it means that the atmosphere gets louder maybe because something important has happened – in this example, England score their third goal and the stadium comes to life.

      In the second example, to line up a cross means to prepare to cross the ball – again, the idea of accuracy is important. We can also say to line up a shot – to prepare to shoot.

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