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Football Glossary: Funny Old Game

Funny old game

Today’s English for Football expression is a classic footballing cliche – football is a funny old game. Now, what this means is that football is unpredictable: that we just don’t know what is going to happen, or anything could happen in football. Now, funny has two meanings: first of all it means something humorous, or to make you laugh; The other meaning is that something is strange and this is the meaning we use here. Football is a strange old game. Now, recently Malta and Turkey drew 2-2. This is a very strange result, so we use the expression football is a funny old game. And also England in their recently improved performances have been applauded by the press, particularly Emile Heskey, the striker, and the coach, Steve McClaren. Now, both of these people have suffered real criticism before and now they are regarded as being the heroes or the saviours of the team. Football is a funny old game.

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