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Football Glossary: Days are numbered

Days are numbered

We use this expression to describe a situation in which a manager (or player) is about to lose their job: they are under intense pressure (Similar to dead man walking).

    • Example: If Fabio Cappello loses to Croatia his days as England coach will be numbered.
    • Example: Despite winning the Champions League Roberto di Matteo’s days at Chelsea were always numbered.

We also discussed this phrase back in 2007: Days are numbered mp3

This phrase means that something is not going to last a long time. And we usually use this with a person as the subject. For example, Martin Jol’s days are numbered at Tottenham, or Sammy Lee’s days are numbered at Bolton. And indeed Shevchenko’s days at Chelsea could be numbered as he didn’t impress his boss Jose Mourinho. So, when we say somebody’s days are numbered we mean we don’t believe that they will last long in their job. They will soon lose their job. Now, out of those three I’ve just mentioned, Martin Jol, Sammy Lee and Shevchenko, I believe that Sammy Lee’s days are really numbered at Bolton.

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