(to) Give a roasting to

poachThis week, languagecaster.com introduces the English for football phrase ‘give a roasting to’. You can understand more about this phrase by reading the transcript below. You can also find many more examples of soccer vocabulary by going to our football cliches page here and our huge football glossary here.
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This week’s English for football is to give a roasting to. This expression is used to indicate that someone is criticising someone harshly. They are pointing out what someone has done wrong. It is often used when managers criticise their players – the manager gives them a roasting. Other expressions include to give a dressing down to, or to give the hairdryer treatment. This last phrase is almost always used to describe Alex Ferguson’s style of criticising his players. Last weekend, Hull City’s manager Phil Brown kept his players on the field and gave them a roasting in front of their fans. He was so angry with their poor performance. To give a roasting to.

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