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Each week the languagecaster team will explain a football phrase or cliche for learners of English who love the sport. On this week’s show we introduce the phrase ‘to run your socks off’. Click on the link below to learn about the word or phrase, while you can also read the transcript. You can also find many more examples by going to our football cliches here and our huge football glossary here.

To run your socks off | Listen to the cliché here

This cliché is used when a team or an individual player is seen to work very hard during a game. The expression is often used with the verb ‘work’ as in he worked his socks off throughout the game. Indeed, this phrase is synonymous with certain types of battling midfield players such as Steven Gerrard or formerly Roy Keane who often ran their socks off to get their teams back into a game. If a team works their socks off it means that they battled hard and did not give up. To work your socks off.

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