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Usually on the show we have an English for football phrase, but today we’re going to look at a footballing cliché: a phrase that has been used so much that it shows a lack of originality, a phrase that is very predictable. So here goes with this week’s cliché. “There are no easy games.” Now, this phrase is often used by managers and coaches of big teams just before they play a weak team. Everyone expects the big team to win, but the coaches often say, “There are no easy games” in order to excuse in advance any failure. If their team lose they can always say, “Well, I said there are no easy games any more.” Just to prove it’s not only managers that reach for the clichés here’s Team USA’s, Kirstin Lilly , talking about the USA’s chances in the recent Women’s World Cup. She said, “but the beauty of the game now is that any team can beat you, there is a new level of parity in the women’s game. The top ten teams in the world can realistically win a world title. There are no easy games anymore.”

Learn English Through Football
Learn English Through Football
Learn English Through Football

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