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Every week during the 2010-11 season, the languagecaster team explain a football phrase or cliche for learners of English who love the sport. Click on the link below to hear the word or phrase and you can also read the transcript below that. You can find many more examples by going to our football  cliches here and our huge football glossary here.

Listen here: The Red Mist.mp3

This week’s English for football phrase is ‘the red mist’. It is most often used with the verbs ‘see‘ and ‘descend‘ – He saw the red mist, the red mist descended. When this phrase is used, it means a player has lost his temper, lost control, and made a dangerous tackle. When the red mist descends, the player tackles with anger rather than control. The tackle often leads to a red card and the player is often labeled a ‘hothead’. Last weekend in the FA Cup semi-final between Manchester United and Manchester City, United’s veteran midfielder, Paul Scholes, saw the red mist descend as he caught his opponent high on the thigh with his studs. His manager, Fergie, said it was another ‘red mist moment. Paul Scholes was shown a red card and sent off.

The red mist.

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