Football Cliché: Play Football the Right Way

In this post, we explain the football cliché ‘Play Football the Right Way’.

Play Football the Right Way

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Football Language: Play Football the Right Way

A cliché is a phrase that is overused. They often talk about the obvious, for example in football ‘It was a game of two halves’; or the impossible, ‘They gave 110%’. The cliché to play football the right way is often heard in discussions comparing teams and the style they play. Usually the speaker will be talking about their own team, using the phrase to show they believe their team plays positive, entertaining, passing football. In contrast, the other team is negative, unskilled and plays basic football, maybe involving long balls and hard tackles. Of course the phrase has no meaning, as there is no correct way to play football; that’s why it is such a great game. There are many styles and approaches. Still, this cliché is heard a lot. Variations include: ‘they play the game the right way,’ ‘They try to play football how it should be played,’ ‘They play the right way.’

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