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Euro 2008 Predictions

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  • Winner: Italy (they will be back!)
    Dark Horse: Croatia
    Player of Tournament: Luca Toni
    Flop: France

  • Winner: Portugal (we are playing at “home” – the support from the fans has been amazing, and it is time to win a competition)

    Dark Horse: Turkey

    Player of the tournament: Cristiano Ronaldo (this is his year – and the guy is quite ambitious)

    Flop: Italy

  • Winner: Germany(3 times champion,ever)
    Dark Horse: Russia(Hidink magic)
    Player of the tournament: C.Ronald(Nobody can touch him.)
    Flop:France(the group of death)

    Do the best for every game!!

  • Hey
    thanks to everyone for posting. Some really interesting choices, some clearly mad ones and others simply jumping on the bandwagon!!

    Maria: I agree. Portugal play to the strengths of the players they have not sticking to a rigid formation.

    Javier: Great win for Spain last night against Russia (Spain light?). There will be sterner tests ahead. Can they do it? Hmm, they might.

    Paul M: Humble apologies for my attack on your choice of Podolski as player of the tournament before the Poland game. Kudos indeed!

  • Well, perhaps, after watching Villa´s three goals on tv, we could say that this time, yes, we can!

  • Winner: Portugal
    Dark Horse: Romania
    Flop: Spain
    POT: Ronaldodcast

    Why do people keep slagging off Portugal for not having a CF? How little they know of tactics! Nuno Gomes is not a CF that scores goals (though he does) he makes space, works hard against DFs and is super intelligent allowing players in deeper positions with speed and craft to take advantage (Ronaldo, Simao, Quaresma). The thing is that’s how Man Utd have played over the past two seasons – ‘Can’t win a title without a CF’. Good teams obviously have good players but great teams know how to get the best from their good players.

  • Winner: (almost a home nation) Germany
    Dark Horse: (almost pitch black) Turkey
    Player of the tournament: Torres
    Flop: Holland

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