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English Through Football Podcast: 2018 – Spurs vs Chelsea

Spurs vs ChelseaSpurs vs Chelsea was the stand out fixture in the Premier League this weekend, but Boca vs River in the Copa Libertadores final was probably the biggest football story. We’ll have news from that fixture on the show. We also have some football language – to skin – and our look at three games from the weekend, including the London derby between Tottenham and Chelsea, in our predictions section. If you’d like the transcript to the show – great for learners and teachers of English – please show your support by becoming a patron (through Patreon) and if you have questions or comments, email us at: (Damian=DF, Damon=DB).

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Transcript of the show (25th November 2018)

Learn English Through Football Podcast: Spurs vs Chelsea

DB: You are listening to’s football-language podcast. Hello and welcome. You are listening to the podcast for all those who love the beautiful game of football and who want to improve their English language skills. My name is Damon and I’m based in Tokyo, Japan, and down the line in London is Damian, who I am sure is feeling great after the result of Spurs vs Chelsea yesterday. Damian?

DF: Hello Damon, and hello to all the listeners. Yes, I was very happy with the Spurs result – a tremendous 3-1 win over previously unbeaten Chelsea meant we leapfrogged over our London rivals into third place in the Premier League.

DB: Congratulations. Leapfrog, what…what’s that?

DF: Yes, this means one side jumps over another side in the league positions, the standings in the table. So, before yesterday’s game Spurs were in fourth position and Chelsea in third but afterwards it was Spurs in third and Chelsea in fourth.

DB: And Liverpool in second.

DF: Yes.

DB: Now, we’ll have more on that game later in the show in our predictions section when we take a look at the predictions we made for three games this weekend – one of which, Wolverhampton Wanderers against Huddersfield is kicking off in a few hours. Did you get to see any football this week, apart from Tottenham-Chelsea?

DF: Well, in addition to the Spurs-Chelsea game, I caught highlights of Bayern Munich’s 3-3 home draw with Fortuna Dusseldorf in the Bundesliga  and saw the Atlético Madrid-Barcelona draw in La Liga last night – lots of late drama in both those games. Did you see any football?

DB: Yes, I did. I saw the Spurs-Chelsea game and just before that I saw Liverpool beat Watford which was pretty good. Right, let’s crack on with the show and what have got this weekend?


DF: Well, we’ve mentioned the predictions, which will be at the end of the show, and we’ll start the podcast with some football news – and we’ve got stories on the River Plate versus Boca Juniors Copa Libertadores final – second leg, we’ve got the UEFA Nations League and the J-League in Japan. And after that we’ve got a quiz question connected with some football news this week. And I believe you’ve got a football phrase to explain?

DB: Yep, I’m going to talk about the verb ‘to skin’ someone.

DF: Ooh, good stuff.

Stinger: You are listening to (in Japanese).

DF: Right, let’s start with the good, the bad and the ugly, which is our football news review section.

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