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English Through Football Podcast: 2018-19 – Chelsea v Manchester United

Chelsea v Manchester UnitedClub football returns after the UEFA Nations League and the international break and we’ll be looking at three games from the Premier League in our predictions, including the Chelsea v Manchester United game. We will also have some football language, this week ‘a banker‘, and we’ve got a language-related quiz question too. If you’d like the transcript to the show – great for learners and teachers of English – please show your support by becoming a patron (through Patreon) and if you have questions or comments, email us at: (Damian=DF, Damon=DB).

English Through Football Podcast: 2018 Chelsea v Manchester United

Transcript of the show (21st October 2018)

DB: You are listening to Languagecaster’s football-language podcast. Hello and welcome to the show for all those who love the game of football and who want to improve their English skills too. My name’s Damon and I’m living in Japan, which is enjoying some sunny weather with an autumnal coolness – a welcome change from the heat of summer. And down the line is Damian in London. Damian, how’s the weather in the UK’s capital?

DF: Hi Damon, good to hear from you – it’s been a while since we were both recording at the same time!

DB: Yep.

DF: Hello everyone, well, the weather here in London is wonderful – blue skies and sunshine and although it’s a little chilly, a little cold, it’s perfect autumn weather; perfect football weather. Damon, what football have you watched this week?

DB: Well Damian, I managed to see Chelsea-Manchester United and Liverpool versus Huddersfield, how about you?

DF: Well, I did watch lots from the UEFA Nations League which has really caught the imagination here in Europe; I saw England versus Spain which was a cracking game, I also caught a little of France against Germany and (unfortunately) I also managed to see Ireland versus Wales – a terrible game and for an Irish fan a terrible result.

DB: Dear oh dear…

DF: Alright, Damon, what’s on this week’s show?


DB. OK, on todays show we’ll start in just a moment with a language quiz question – a phrase we’ve chosen from the week’s news. Listen to the question and choose from our multiple choice answers. Then we’ll talk about some of the stories from the football world in our good, bad and ugly section. Following that, we have our football language section, and we’ll talk about banker and banana skin and these two expressions’ meanings. Finally of course, we’ll take a look at three games from the weekend’s action in our predictions section.

Stinger: You are listening to (in German)

DF: Yes, you are listening to and that was in German – and you can send on a message to the show in your own language by dropping us a line at We are also on Facebook – our page is Learning English Through Football – thanks to all the new ‘likes’ this week – we’re also on Twitter and Instagram.

DF: Now just a message about supporting our podcast; you may have heard us mention Patreon, a site that allows people to support podcasts that they like. Now, if you like what we do and want to support us then just go along to our site,, and click on the links there. There are a range of options and any help will be warmly received here and will help us keep the site and podcast going. And of course, thanks to all those who already do support us through Patreon.

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Learn English Through Football
Learn English Through Football
Learn English Through Football



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