It seems that America is fallng out of love with David Beckham. Read the article on the former England captain’s current troubles at his club LA Galaxy. Vocabulary in bold is explained at the end of the post to help you with comprehension.

David Beckham’s return to LA after his Italian break has not proved to be as welcoming as he might have expected. First on the attack was newly-restored Galaxy captain Landon Donovan who questioned Beckham’s commitment to the team after the former England captain extended his stay at Serie A side AC Milan at the end of last season. Next up were the New York fans who made Beckham’s first MLS appearance for nearly six months an uncomfortable one in Galaxy’s 3-1 victory last week. Then, in his first game back at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles, ‘Becks’ was constantly jeered by his own supporters leading to an ugly incident with a fan at half-time. Beckham didn’t actually hit anyone – unlike one of his England colleague’s – but when you are given the task of bringing the game to the USA and a $250 million dollar contract is involved then something is seriously amiss in the Kingdom of Becks.

There is some sympathy for Beckham.  After all, the standard of football in Italy is clearly better than that of the MLS and ‘Becks’ realised that he could still play at a decent level and maybe even feature in the next World Cup. Landon Donovan’s comments stem from jealousy at his own poor efforts of making it in Europe, while the fans’ reaction has been predictable but at the same time rather laughable as they attempt to create an atmosphere where one clearly does not exist. But Beckham is also to blame.

He should not have reacted to the drunken taunts of the fans – though the constant verbal abuse that players have to endure deserves some sympathy – but instead should have walked away. Unless of course he was interested in provoking something other than a drunken member of the ‘LA Riot Squad’. The whole episode feels as if it has been stage managed by Becks’ real team – not LA Galaxy but those that work for ‘FC Brand Beckham’. What better way to defend yourself over criticism of lacking passion for the club than by taking on a fan – even if it was not a Cantona-style kung-fu attack. But we all know the real reason for this altercation – and really, that’s all it was despite the hand-wringing from fans and journalists, Becks wants a move away from Los Angeles and the MLS and what ‘Becks’ wants, ‘Becks’ usually gets. Rumours of a return to Milan are getting louder while Manchester City are also said to be interested in bringing Beckham home when the MLS season comes to an end in October. One thing is for sure however, David Beckham’s days in the MLS are numbered.



newly-restored: recently re-appointed, became captain again

extended his stay: lengthened his stay, stayed longer than originally agreed

constantly jeered: booed by the fans throughout the game

something is seriously amiss: There is a big problem

feature in the next World Cup: Wants to play in the next World Cup

stem from: Come from

drunken taunts: Verbal abuse from drunk fans

stage managed: Has been deliberately set up or organised

altercation: a fight, quarrell, angry discussion

hand-wringing: To be distressed or very upset

days in the MLS are numbered.: He won’t be staying long in the MLS


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