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back with a bang


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Hello all. First of all, I believe "to flop" means to perform badly. And then "bang" and "blast" are nouns here. Do they both mean "a very hard shot"?

Origi flops, Lallana back with a bang and five talking points from Liverpool's draw with Bordeaux.

Post! Firmino sizes up his options from 30 yards, ignores Clyne's run and hits the upright with a left-foot blast! [0-1]

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  • Back with a bang means that a player has returned to form or returned from injury and has done something well that has had a big impact on the game such as a goal or an important assist.
  • A blast is a powerful shot - a left-foot blast is a really powerful shot with the left foot.
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Thank you very much again, Damian.


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