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use of 'in'

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I would like to understand the use of "in" in foorball context. Could you explain how it works? I also heard commentator say "drill in a equaliser".

Marcus Rashford darts into the area, hammers in a first-time shot from wide on the right of the area, and Lukasz Fabianski makes a really good one-handed save to turn it away.

Tierney drives in from the left and wins another corner for the Bhoys as his right-footed shot takes a deflection again.


Posted : 07/12/2023 4:23 am
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The three examples are all linked to direction - moving towards the penalty area or the goal.

1. Drill in an equaliser = to score the equaliser with a hard shot (drill) and 'in' means the ball has gone in the goal.

2. To hammer in = to hit the ball hard towards the goal 

3. To drive in= to move towards the goal (with the ball in a strong manner)

Posted : 15/12/2023 1:52 am

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