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sat deep with everyone behind the ball

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I'ma little bit puzzled by the phrase "sar deep with everyone behind the ball" in this sentense. What are the meanings of "sat deep", "everyone" and "behind the ball" in football?

Second, the verb "get" has a lot of senses, what does it actually mean in this context?

6 mins: Man City 0-0 FC Copenhagen
It's 11 at the back for FC Copenhagen. The visitors are sat deep with everyone behind the ball. So many players back that they'll struggle to even manager a counter.

Man Utd 0-0 Omonia
80. The away fans are cheering their team on to the final whistle.

Omonia are getting everyone behind the ball.
The ball is played to Casemiro on the edge of the box who lays the ball off to Bruno Fernandes.

His effort gives the cameraman more trouble than the keeper.Fernandes has yet to score at Old Trafford this season.

Posted : 17/10/2022 3:14 am
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to sit deep means that a team are defending closer to their own goal. Sometimes we might hear the phrase 'low block' to describe this kind of defending.

In the first example, the Danish team are defending very close to their own goal - they have 11 players behind the ball so we can say they are sitting deep.


Yes, 'get' is used in many different contexts and has lots of different meanings but in this example, it is related to the example above. The team has players behind the ball=the players get behind the ball.

Posted : 29/10/2022 1:56 pm
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