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Probing/get in behind

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What is the meaning of the words "probing" and "get in behind" in this football commentary?

45+1 min West Ham 1 Leeds 1
Four minutes of stoppage time go up on the fourth official's board. Leeds are probing but cannot get in behind.

Posted : 08/06/2023 3:35 pm
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  • To probe in football is used when an attacking team tries to break past the defence - they are looking for the weak spots of the defence. I suppose the meaning in this example is that Leeds have been on the front foot; they have been trying to break down the defence.

  • If an attacking team gets behind a defence it means that they have found space behind them. This means they may be able to find a team mate in the penalty area easily. Attacking teams constantly try to get behind a defence because there is more space and it also means that the defence are running back towards their own goal (facing the wrong way). 


Posted : 08/06/2023 9:43 pm
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To get to the byline

Posted : 08/06/2023 9:44 pm

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