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What does "make way" mean in the following sentences?

50 min: Kane makes his way down the inside-left channel before hitting a cross-cum-shot that’s deflected out for a corner by Bonucci. James to take.

GOAL! Nottingham Forest 1-3 Fulham (REED, 60 mins)
My days, it's three for Fulham and Forest have been sliced open again. Aleksandar Mitrovic's pass sets Bobby De Cordova-Reid away down the left and his low cross makes its way to the far post, where Harrison Reed meets it with a fine first-time finish low inside the near post. Three goals in six minutes!

Man City vs Man Utd
75' Foden makes way after scoring his hat-trick for Mahrez. A splendid performance.

Our first change of the afternoon sees Bowen make way for the skipper.

Posted : 03/10/2022 10:34 pm
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  1. To make his way means to move in a direction - he moves down the left side (with the ball).
  2. The ball travels in a direction - here, we can say that the ball arrived at the far post
  3. (and 4) means to make a substitution - so one player makes way for another player to come on.
Posted : 15/10/2022 4:21 pm
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Thanks a lot for the explanation, Damian.

Posted : 17/10/2022 1:19 pm

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