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get a shot away/off,

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Dear all. I can't understand the phrases "get a shot away", "get a shot off" and "get down" here. So, could you please explain? 43: Toral gets a shot away from the edge of the box for Birmingham City but Grant makes a comfortable save diving to his right. Derby County 0-0 Birmingham City 55' Kohr plays a deep cross into Koo and the South Korean almost crafts a chance from it. However, just as the midfielder gets the ball down it gets trapped in his feet and he can't get a shot off.

Posted : 26/01/2016 5:31 am
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  • To get a shot off or to get a shot away mean the same thing - to shoot. The player got a shot away means that he/she has been able to shoot.
  • To get the ball down means to trap or control the ball
Posted : 30/01/2016 6:51 am

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