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for a swoop / ply one's trade / in possession

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Contexts: (Thanks) "The summer would be an ideal time for a swoop as Matheus turns 18 in June." "Liverpool have a history with Matheus' parent club, Grêmio, having signed Lucas Leiva in 2007 and former Reds left-back Fabio Aurelio currently plies his trade at the Porto Alegre club." "The game has settled a bit after that furious start. Brazil in possession."

Posted : 17/06/2013 6:03 am
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  • A swoop here means a transfer; to buy a player.
  • to ply his trade means to work or in this case to play for a team
  • In possession means to have the ball
    Posted : 17/06/2013 11:39 pm
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    Isn't a swoop an unexpected or undesired move to get a transfer where a club gets a player before the other team can react properly?

    Posted : 18/06/2013 7:31 pm
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    Yes, there is definitely a sense of surprise and speed involved. A possible synonym could be 'pounce'?
    Example: 'The team pounced to sign the player' suggests that he transfer happened before any other team could react.

    Posted : 19/06/2013 11:39 am
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    We have added ply one's trade to our glossary.
    A friend of mine mentioned that plying one's trade suggests the idea of 'selling skills' which is nicely linked to the idea of playing for a team.

    Posted : 22/11/2013 11:46 am

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