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A rocket of a finish

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What is the meaning of "a rocket of finish" or "fire a rocket" in football?


60' GOAL Derby County 2-0 Barnsley
Barks makes it two with a rocket of a finish!
Sibley send a dangerous cross into the box and Barnsley struggle to clear their lines.

The second-half began as the first ended with the Rams well on top and Barkhuizen was continuing to be a nuisance down the left creating numerous chances for the home side.

He got his well deserved goal right on the hour mark too when he was able to pounce on a loose ball, spin and fire a rocket into the top corner of Jack Walton's goal.

There's hesitation around the edge of the area but none from Barkhuizen who takes control and rifles home

Posted : 08/01/2023 11:34 pm
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A rocket is a really hard shot. It is hit so hard that a keeper cannot save it. I suppose the fact that  rocket moves so fast suggests that a 'rocket of a shot' moves so fast (and powerful) that it is unstoppable.

Posted : 22/01/2023 9:52 am

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