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Euro 2020 - Day 8: Stramash

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In the last minutes of the Group D game between England and Scotland at Wembley, there was a scramble in the Scottish six-yard box when lots of players were trying to score or defend the ball.

Another way of saying this, particularly in Scotland, is stramash - lots of players trying to gain control of the ball in a small space. It does not look very beautiful but it is certainly very exciting to watch. England failed to score from the stramash last night as the Scottish defence held firm.

Posted : 19/06/2021 2:18 pm
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BBC Scotland has a definition here of this term (video in UK only)

Here's an image of the stramash/goalmouth scramble from the England vs Scotland Euro 2020 game.

Posted : 21/09/2021 8:52 pm
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So nice with the pictures to associate.
By the way I didn't know "stramash".

Posted : 23/09/2021 12:48 am