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2023 Women's World Cup: Spoil the Party

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The Philippines 1-0 win against hosts New Zealand was described by their coach as the biggest in their history - a first ever World Cup win for the team ranked 46 in the world.

The Guardian newspaper described the win as 'stunning' which means amazing or wonderful but also that the Philippines 'spoiled the party' and this means that the win was not really expected. Most people thought that New Zealand would win, particularly after their victory against Norway, so when the away team won, the atmosphere was flat - it was not a party atmosphere so we can say that the Philippines spoiled the party.

Sarina Bolden headed the winner as the Philippines spoiled the co-hosts New Zealand’s party with a stunning 1-0 victory in their Women’s World Cup Group A clash ( July 25 2023)

Posted : 25/07/2023 5:56 pm