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Each week on languagecaster’s podcast we feature a main listening report and on this week’s show we look at the Champions League and ask some football fans which team they think might be winners next May in London. You can listen to the report by clicking the link below and can also read the transcript. Explanations of vocabulary in bold appear at the foot of the post.

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The second round of matches in the group stage of the Champions League are to be played next week, so on this week’s main report we thought we’d ask some football fans their opinions on the team they thought are favourites to win it and which side might be a dark horse.


DF: So, which team do you think is going to win this season’s Champions League, John?
John: I think Chelsea are going to win it this season. The reason I think they’re going to win is because as a team they’ve grown over the last few years and at club level they’re absolutely fantastic and they seem to be taking the same form with them to the European level.
DF: How about a dark horse or a non-favoured team?
John: Well this year I think another team that could do really well is… Arsenal. The reason is that they’ve been together for quite a long time and they’ve made some good signings in the summer, particularly Chamakh. I think if they can keep their midfield fit, particularly Fabregas and Arshavin they should do rather well.


DF: So which team do you think might be the Champions League winners this season Steve?
Steve: I’m going to go for Chelsea, they’re such a strong team, they’ve got bags of experience having done really well in the Champions League in recent years. They’ve still got their best players like Drogba, Terry and so on and they’ve got young players coming through. And of course they’ve got Michael Essien back who’s like a great new signing for them.
DF: Now how about a dark horse or a team that maybe is not so well fancied to win the Champions League?
Steve: Ok, there’s a few I suppose but one I would pick is … maybe Valencia who haven’t done so well in recent years in the Champions League but are doing pretty well this year, they’re riding high in their Champions League group, I think they’re top of that at the moment and also they’re second in the Spanish League as we speak, which is obviously one of the hardest leagues in the world. So, I think they can do pretty well this year, don’t know if they can win it but they’re a good candidate as a dark horse.


DF: So, Chris who do you think is going to win the Champions League this year?
Chris: It’s got to be Barcelona, Damian.
DF: And why do you think that?
Chris: I just think they’ve got the best team and I can’t see anyone else beating them.
DF: Well, you said you can’t see anyone else beating them but if you were to see maybe a dark horse challenging them, which team do you think that might be?
Chris: It’s got to be Tottenham Hotspur, I think… they’ve been out of European football for a long time and I just think this is their moment.


they’ve grown: The team has improved

bags of experience: Lots of experience; a very experienced side

well fancied: Tipped to do well

they’re riding high: Doing very well, in a high position in the table

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