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Football Language Podcast

The Language of Predictions

People are always guessing what is going to happen in the future. It may be, 'Is it going to rain tomorrow?' 'Will my team win the league?'...

Football Language Podcast

Video Worksheet: Folk Football

In this video worksheet post we use a link from the excellent The History Of Football [2002] [DVD]on the topic of Folk Football. There is...


Reading: Sir Bobby Robson

Former England manager Sir Bobby Robson died last weekend. In this post we take a look back at one of the most respected English managers

Football Language Podcast

The Championship 2009-10 Preview

[print_link] | Teaching Ideas The second tier of English football, The Championship, kicks off this week and in this post we take a look at...

Football Cliches Quiz

Bill Nicholson

Tottenham are 125 years old this season and Monday's game against Aston Villa will be the official 'anniversary match'. More importantly it...