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Poll: Drinks Break

Poll: Drinks Break - What do you think of the drinks break? Should it continue next season? Should there be four quarters rather than two...


Poll: 5 Substitutions

Poll: 5 Substitutions - When football returned after the lockdown one of the temporary changes to the laws of the game involved the number...

Football Language Podcast

2017 Champions League Predictions

2017 Champions League Predictions: Can Real Madrid win their 12th European Cup/Champions League title this weekend? Can they retain the...

Football Language Podcast

Poll: Who will win Euro 2012?

The 2012 European Championship kicks off on June 8th when Poland take on Greece in the opening match. Spain are the holders and are many...

Football Language Podcast

2011-12 Premier League Predictions

Every Season we ask which team you think will win the Premier League. Last season the majority of fans correctly went for Manchester United...