Asian World Cup Qualifier: Thailand 2-3 Bahrain

The latest home defeat to a team from the Gulf, this time Bahrain, has meant the Thai national team’s World Cup qualifying hopes have all but disappeared. Played in extremely humid conditions and in front of only a half-full Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok, the home side played all the quality football but a lack of concentration at key moments in the match ensured the Thais stay rooted to the bottom of the group without a win. Though it is still mathematically possible for them to make the final group stage nothing short of a miracle is now required if the Thais are to qualify for their first ever World Cup finals.

With Japan defeating Oman 3-0 it looks as if they will join the very physical Bahraini side to the final group stage though on this performance the Gulf state will not be troubling any teams in South Africa in 2010. But at least they are still in with a chance unlike Thailand who yet again failed to give their football-crazy fans something to really cheer about.

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  • Good point. One reason is the lack of finance involved in the game down here – just look at how teams in the Gulf are faring in comparison – but the domestic leagues also need to be much better organised before any of the SE Asian teams really compete in the region.

  • I have always been intrigued by southeast Asian football, i.e., in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

    It’s a shame that the fan fervor in those countries hasn’t translated into success on the pitch for the national teams.