Asian World Cup Qualifier: Oman 1-1 Japan

On June 7 2008,  the Japan National Team had a match in the 3rd Qualifier of the FIFA World Cup 2010 against Oman. This was the same opponent as last week in Japan but this time it kicked off at 5:15 PM in Masqat, Oman. The weather was astonishingly humid and muggy and because of the condition, every player was drained of their reserves of strength.

Oman was a tough and strong team, fortunately the score was 1 – 1, a draw, but It was such a tough game. We got one point and we are placed second in the group ranking and the first is Bahrain.

This Saturday we have a match at Bangkok, Thailand. If we win the game, we can qualify for the tournament!! We need to be concentrate as Thailand is also a strong team!!
Everyone, do not miss it and see you soon after the game!!

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  • I think Japan are safe for this round, but Okada needs to make a more confident team if they are to go all the way.

    damian, I wonder if you’re going to see the game and report for languagecaster?