An End Has a Start: farewell Rijkaard


Many things have changed in Barcelona since Belleti’s goal in Saint Dennis. Last season has been the final evidence that this Barça needs to change. Now it’s easy to detail the errors. However, the people who like football can just clap or whistle at the stage.

Rijkaard has been fired. It’s true that he hasn’t managed well the commitment of Barça’s shadow stars. Therefore the team now needs a change of mentality more than a change of stars. Why do we need more players if we don’t know either how to treat or how to teach them that in the Camp Nou – it is our way or the highway. Despite losing all our opportunities by binning all our talent, Barça should preserve its game. Rijkaard has taught us that the team can move the ball as much as anyone and can make bright football. Maybe Guardiola would be the follower of Rijkaard, so then why do we need him? What has he done, in spite of being a superb mid-fielder? Is it necessary for Barça to allocate a job to all its former stars? I don’t know.

I think that if we like our game strategy, we just have to reinforce it and to show that in Barça we want compromise. Look at Man U, Mr. Ferguson has been there for more than twenty years, and he has marked a character to all the players who were/are under his instructions. I think that Barça should have tried to inoculate this pride to its stars. Having said that, It’s fair to consider, the compromise that many players either from Barcelona or foreigners have had.

Regarding Barça’s supporters, I think that we also should change and start singing instead of looking for the moment to bury our players. Without losing the primitive feeling of the football, we [supporters] should stop treating the players as an extension of our family. The relationship between many culés and players is amazing when things are rosy and we win. Though when the results don’t come, the fans shift their formers idols into detestable people. It’s true that all the teams have crisis, and you have to be euphoric in the high and keep patient when you’re at the bottom. One lesson more to learn, likewise Barça should start learning how to win in the games, even if on that day they are playing bad.

An end has a start, Guardiola? We’ll see. Now I’m just waiting again for the next season of La Liga. Farewell Rijkaard, you deserve all the best. Without any doubt, he is one of the few gentlemen in this amazing sport.

PS. An end has a start is the hit of editors, which is an amazing group.


Barça supporter and also a football fan!

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  • Rijkaard was a star, I remember when he took over at the Nou Camp when Barca were a mess and he produced an entertaining and successful side. Class act.
    Agree about having Guardiola as a second in command but with all-powerful Cruyff behind the scenes he probably he is anyway…

  • Nice post, Dr.Pim… Another grey year for all the culés!This club smells bad, often like rotten. People have no memory, players who don’t give his maximum, and lots of promises that once again, finished unfulfilled. I always argue with “true culés” about the way they support this team, it’s exactly what you say. An many of them have no logic arguments(they recognize that!), Barça is so much for them, that all sign of consciousness disappears, love or hate, there’s no midpoint. We should learn from the english:respect, love, and festive attitude. We should start thinking about selling beer, or other initiatives to help the public supporting the team, there’s too many frustated grandfathers in Camp Nou, we need more young and shouting culés!
    Cruyff said that every coach is a novice when arrives at FC Barcelona. Guardiola has no significant experience, but has won his league with BarçaB. I would’ve put him as second for Rijkaard, to do the job that Ten Cate did and Neeskens has’nt done. Despite the poor hability of FC Barcelona in giving a correct goodbye to most of their players and coaches, there’s time for hope: Bojan, summer market, Messi…

    Rijkaard: you’ll never smoke alone! Thank you.


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