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All that shines is not gold


Hard moments for Barsa, we need souls, not only useless talent.

Barcelona has got stuck again. Last weekend the Getafe defeat was a big shock for the team morale. Barcelona had seemed to recover the rhythm as I told you in my last post, but not yet. In Camp Nou, the team does not have many problems, they open up the wings and they play with much more intensity.

In my point of view it is not a tactical problem, it is a problem of deep compromise. The intensity and the agression decrease when they play away. The team has lost the compromise to give it all in the pitch, mainly the forwards. Moreover, it is worth noting that, despite our forwards are excellent they do not work hard enough to materialize the actions. Henry, Ronaldinho, Messi are outstanding players, but sometimes they seem completely lost in the field. What we need of them is a constant fight against our rivals. Not just fifteen minutes until we score, because then they become relaxed and it is impossible to overcome a bad result.

Now there is a break in La Liga. I hope that Rijkaard will have time to think about Barcelona. Meanwhile, he has said that from now on, he will only play the people who leave the shirt on the field and sweat hard to win. So, lets put on Gudjohnsen… we will see!


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  • Always wise and calmed in your meditations, my friend. I agree with you in the compromise affair. Many times in this season we’ve seen that some players were there, more because their names than for his physical and mental state. May be I’m wrong, but I actually enjoy ten times more watching Sylvinho or Gudjohnsen than Abidal or Ronaldinho. I like to think that’s more because the HUGE hope that Rijkaard has in their players and not just a hierarchic reason.

  • Another interesting post, Pim. Would most Barca fans be prepared to sacrifice some of the flair and attacking talent for the dour graft and results that Jose Mourinho could bring the club as a manager?

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