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Football is the drug


Is it me but I find the international breaks a little bit of a distraction from the real business of league football. I miss my (bi) weekly fix of the mood altering drug that is being a West Ham United fan. The highs and lows produced on the whim of the fates is only good enough until the next time. Analysis of the league tables is the post drug comedown, and the continual staring at the tables, almost with a dream like quality, recalculating the various permutations, “if we hadnt conceded that 93rd minute goal against Bolton we’d be joint ninth with Everton..” leaves me sated but with the nagging thought and need for wanting more. When we lose I just blank out the memory and won’t buy the Sunday papers or watch Match of the Day (it’s just too painful) but winning gives me a little spring in the step and I go out to embrace the world, happy but with the bothersome awareness that the storm clouds of doubt will reapear next time.

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