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8 Reasons to subscribe to Languagecaster’s newsletter

Languagecaster is getting ready for the upcoming World Cup season by launching a weekly newsletter. Below is a list of 8 good reasons why you and your friends should subscribe to languagecaster’s newsletter. 

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1. Win an international football top

Simply by signing up for languagecaster’s free newsletter you will automatically be entered into a draw to win a fantastic prize. Choose from either a Brazilian or England football top (as seen above) and we will post it on to the winner wherever she or he may be. For free. This offer will run until the start of September and the winner will be announced in our first podcast of next season. If you want to know more about the jerseys – both of which are UK L size – then read the review here.

2. Free

Talking of which, just click here and you can sign up to the newsletter via feedburner. You will then receive languagecaster’s newsletter every Thursday or Friday and – just like the materials and content on the site – it will cost you nothing. 

3. Useful teaching tips

Our site has lots of teaching tips and ideas for English-language teachers who want to use football-related topics in their classes. Everything from how to make the best use of a listening transcript to having students review vocabulary with word searches and crosswords will be featured each week. 

4. Football quiz

Everyone loves a quiz and each week our newsletter has a question related to a current football story. Of course you can keep up to date with all the football news, complete with language support for learners of English, in our good, the bad and ugly section on the show.

5. Football clichés

Clichés are overused expressions or sayings that are often difficult to understand for learners of English. At the end of the day, football is full of them and so in each week’s newsletter we focus on one that will hopefully not leave you as sick as a parrot or over the moon…

6. Predictions

We pick out the big games from each week and with our wealth of footballing knowledge 😉 we try and predict the scores. Can you do better than our two ‘experts’? Probably.

7. Keep up to date with all the latest news

Each week at we have lots of new posts, podcasts, football expressions, fan reports, readers’ comments, new teaching ideas and lots of football news. The best way to keep up with all of this is through the newsletter.

8. Football Poll

The newsletter will keep you up to date with our latest football polls and surveys – a fun way for football fans to practise their English. Students can vote in one of the polls and then write a comment explaining their choices. Check out the example below.


How can I subscribe to languagecaster’s newsletter?

Simply click on the link below and an email subscription request will appear. Fill in your email address and the spam prevention box and that’s it. The next languagecaster newsletter will arrive the following Friday.

Subscribe to the newsletter by Email


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