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2019 Women’s World Cup Quarter-finals: Sweden v Germany

2019 Women's World Cup Quarter-final Sweden v Germany2019 Women’s World Cup Quarter-final – Sweden v Germany and Netherlands v Italy: The third and fourth quarter-finals of the 2019 Women’s World Cup took place today with the Netherlands and Sweden making it through to the second semi-final in Lyon on Wednesday – this will be the first time that the Netherlands have made the final four. In today’s post we look at some language that emerged from that Sweden versus Germany game, including the phrase, ‘come from behind‘. We also take a look at our predictions battle and look ahead to Tuseday and Wednesday’s semi-finals. If you have any suggestions or language questions then contact us at

2019 Women’s World Cup Language: Come-from-behind victory

Sweden defeated Germany 2-1 in today’s second quarter-final match which was remarkable for the fact that the Swedes had not beaten Germany since 1995, that the German defence had not conceded any goals in this tournament and that up until today, no team had won a game coming from behind in the knock-out stage. This phrase means that a team is losing the game – maybe they have conceded an early goal – but they end up winning the match. In today’s game Sweden went down 0-1 when the German side scored after 16 minutes but they equalised mid-way through the first half and then in the second half they scored the winner through their striker Blackstenius. The Swedes will face European Champions the Netherlands on Wednesday.

2019 Women’s World Cup Predictions

No one predicted a Swedish victory over Germany in yesterday’s predictions so Jlacey is still one pont ahead of Aki although Paul’s perfect three point prediction in the Netherlands versus Italy game means he is five points behind the leader. There are no games tomorrow or Monday – the first semi-final takes place on Tuesday when the holders face England and so there are only four games let!

To play the predictions game, it’s not too late, you can log in/register and then add your scores. More information about playing can be found here. There will be a small prize for the winner!

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