2019 Women’s World Cup: Day 2 – Germany vs China

2019 Women's World Cup: Day 2 2019 Women’s World Cup: Day 2 – Germany vs China: After the opening victory for hosts France yesterday, Day 2 of the 2019 Women’s World Cup kicked off with a hard-fought victory for Germany against a very physical Chinese side in Group B and in today’s post we look at language connected to that phrase ‘hard-fought victory‘. There were also victories for Spain and Norway over South Africa and Nigeria on a day when VAR played a decisive role, the first own goal was scored and the first red card was given out. We also look at how the languagecaster predictions competition went today – some perfect three point scores sees some movement at the top of the table! If you have questions or comments you can email us at: admin@languagecaster.com.

2019 Women’s World Cup Language: Hard-fought victory

Germany defeated China in the first of their Group B matches but only thanks to a second-half strike from Gwinn who broke the deadlock with a wonderful long-range strike. This was a hard-fought victory as China offered strong resistance and even looked dangerous on the counter, particularly in the first half. Something that is hard-fought, such as a win or victory, involves a lot of effort and that’s what Germany had to do in this game – they had to work really hard to beat the Chinese team.

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2019 Women’s World Cup Language: Convert a penalty

In the second Group B game between Spain and South Africa, the Spanish needed two late penalties to win another hard-fought victory. Their top striker Jenni Hermoso converted two spot kicks late in the second half to seal a come-from-behind win. To convert here means to successfully score a goal – the player scored from the (penalty) spot would be another way of saying this.

2019 Women’s World Cup Predictions

Three games today and finally we have our first correct scores, remember that’s three points for a perfect score. ‘Home side’ Learning English Through Football Team successfully predicted a 1-0 Germany victory over China, while Dagmar and Nina both went for 3-1 wins for Spain over Nigeria and that means that the languagecaster team is joint leader with Nina on 6 points followed by Dagmar.

There are another three games tomorrow with England taking on Scotland in Group D, while Australia face Italy and Brazil play Jamaica in Group C. To play the predictions game you can log in/register and then add your scores. More information about playing can be found here.

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Current Ranking – Day 2

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